About Us


METALMEN VENTURES (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD is Asia's leading & India's single biggest supplier of Copper Electroplating Anodes & VALE Nickel plating products. The promoters, established in 1966, were pioneers in introducing high quality Copper & Copper alloy products to the Industry. And now with the development of super advantageous Ultra NANO-GRAIN Copper Anodes using the proprietary MPCA technology, we aim to capture the World market & become the single biggest supplier of Copper anodes.
Our foundation pillars are HONESTY, INTEGRITY & BUSINESS ETHICS


SUNNBALL ULTRA NANO-GRAIN COPPER ANODES are made using the proprietory MPCA technology, which has given the world it's first ULTRA NANO-GRAIN COPPER ANODE. SUNNBALL anode shows outstanding performance in plating application. It has the perfect surface and the best grain structure with extremely uniform distribution of phosphorus. Comparing normal copper anode, SUNNBALL Ultra NANO-GRAIN copper anode ensures superior product quality and less overall production costs in the consideration of user's long term benefits.



SUNNBALL ANODES are used in highly demanding high end electroplating industries like:-
  • ABS electroplating / Plating on Plastics for Automotive Industry / White goods / Bathroom fittings & Decorative plating
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Rotogravure printing cylinders
  • Gold alloying & various other uses in precious & semi-precious Jewellery Industry
  • Radial Tyres
  • Coin Blanks